when finance meets data you can











where finance meets data

The business world can be full of twists and turns and right now especially so.  Now more than ever it’s critical for smaller companies to take control of their finances with a clear view ahead.

If you want to drive your business forward it always starts with your data.

Often undervalued and overlooked, your data is actually a powerful tool.  In fact, evidence shows that those companies that invest in this area reap a lot of benefits. Better insights into your business enable you to leverage an advantage over your competitors.  You can spot trends, new possibilities and make better, more agile decisions.  This is why we always tell our clients that good data starts with their bookkeeping. Get that right and the rest will follow.

But what data do you need?

You need enough to stay informed, but not so much that you’re inundated.   Plus, your business will have its own areas where it needs to get more specific.  It can become very time consuming and very costly.

An affordable solution.

For this reason tapping into your data has, until recently, been the reserve of the large corporations.  But at Business Insights & Accounting Solutions we’re changing that.  We offer an affordable solution for small companies.  We know that you could never afford a full time finance team and a separate data team.  So we provide a unique, outsourced combination of both. We’re taking “number-crunching” to a whole new level, allowing your data to speak to you in new ways.

It’s time to listen to your data, it’s got something to say!

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