A plan that's right for you

step 1


“Garbage in, garbage out”, as they say.   But we don’t want that.  The first step in gaining data-driven insights into your business is making sure your data is reliable and complete.  We will undertake an assessment of your current sources of data and advise on improvements to your data input processes that will result in quality information coming out of your business.

step 2


Once you’ve got the data, what do you do with it?  In step 2 we deal with the data gathering, cleaning, sorting, querying, modelling, mashing…. yes, mashing!  Your data isn’t just limited to financial data.  There is a wealth of non-financial data that can be analysed in tandem with your financial data. This is what’s known as data mashing.  And it’s a must for your business.

step 3


Data analysis in itself won’t necessarily bring insights. Those light-bulb moments come from understanding at a deeper level what your data is trying to say. Visualising data is one of the most effective ways to interpret it. In step 3 we use data visualisation techniques such as charts and dashboards, that let your data tell the story and guide you towards better, more informed decisions.

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