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Data, not guesswork

Fact or fiction? Data-driven or gut instinct? We'll help you cut through the noise and concentrate your energies on the right decisions that will help your business grow

results focused

You get paid by results, not by how busy you are. We'll help you identify the key metrics that enable you to focus on your goals and achieve those results

insights that drive change

Turning your data into useful information is one thing, but we take that a step further. Insights. Those light-bulb moments that help you see the light and drive change

value, not cost

We're passionate about adding value to your business. This means increased profits for you, which outweigh our fees. So what are you waiting for?


We've all made misguided decisions at some point in life, but in business this can be catastrophic. We help you evaluate possible outcomes and get things in perspective

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"As a small business owner I found my finances getting ahead of me. It was suggested that I use the help of BIA solutions and I am very thankful that I did. Since Alison has taken on my finances I have seen a 20% increase in my company profits. It feels like I now have a finance team inside my small business. Alison guided me through the covid 19 lockdown which was a very tough time for my business. BIA solutions provides me with a service greater in value than it cost me in cash value, which is what you are looking for when trying to run a profitable business."
Tom Sandwell
Sandwell Heating & Plumbing Ltd
"BIA Solutions Ltd provides invaluable support for my work in evaluation, public surveys and community engagement. Alison understands how to set up surveys so that the questions provide data which can be robustly analysed. Alison’s data management skills quickly organise complex data. This saves me time and is more cost-effective for the client. Her analysis reveals patterns and insights which otherwise would be lost in the ‘noise’ of the data. This ensures that the correct conclusions are drawn from the information – and the most effective actions taken."
Irene Seijo
Seijo Associates Ltd
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