A plan that's right for you


we keep your wheels turning

For those that need minimal input, we’ll keep things ticking along nicely

Typically start-ups, non VAT registered, requiring around half a day per month support

* additional charges apply for transactions above 100 in total per month


we're your co-driver

With you at every corner, we’ll take care of the finances so that you can take care of driving your business

Typically you’ve been in business for a year or so, and now require weekly support.  VAT registered

* additional charges apply for transactions above 150 in total per month

** extra charges apply for additional employees and/or additional pay runs


we're your strategic engineer

We are fully involved in the business.  As well as taking care of the finances, we will actively help you drive your business forward.

Your business has been growing and you now need a more senior presence

square peg in a round hole? we also offer modular solutions. contact us to discuss your needs!